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Meet St. Kizito Graduate Claudine
Meet St. Kizito Graduate Claudine

Meet St. Kizito Graduate Claudine

May 11, 2018 08:22pm

llow me to introduce you to Claudine, a wonderful young lady, who is currently pursuing a Diploma in Social Work and Social Administration at Bugema University.

Claudine was able to complete her four previous years of education – years we think of here in the United States as high school years – due to the support she received from the St. Kizito Foundation.

Claudine was born in Rwanda.  Her parents divorced in 2011 leaving her mother, her sisters, her brother, and herself to shift for themselves.  Her mother took their family to Uganda in search of a better life.  Life in Uganda proved to be difficult as well – and perhaps even more difficult - due to the language barriers.  Her mother was disabled and thus limited in the work she could find.  As a family, they decided to “study in shifts” – with the goal that once educated each could help support the family.  They would need to study in shifts so that the siblings not in school could work and help care for the younger children.  Although Claudine and her brother started in school, her mother found it impossible to pay for the school fees – and decided to move the family again to another town where life would perhaps be less expensive. 

After they moved, Claudine found that she was required to stay home and help with the family.  She worked a job a selling jewelry door to door looking for customers.  Through a contact at work Claudine learned about the St. Kizito Foundation.  Claudine’s mother inquired with the St. Kizito Foundation in Kampala about a scholarship for her daughter.  Claudine was admitted to school, where, in her own words, she “found a home away from home”.  She continues, “I got hope where there was no hope.  I got a chance to sit again in class!”  Claudine is now pursuing a Diploma in Social Work and Social Administration as noted.  “This course [of study] really suits me and what I have passed though because it teaches me how to enrich others; giving them hope; all this because of the St. Kizito Foundation!”  

God bless you Claudine!  May your studies and hard work bear fruit in your life for your self and your family!

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